Pet Therapy

Halcyon Elder Care Senior Pet TherapyTherapy animals are used to promote health and healing for seniors of any age range or health condition, whether they are depressed, chronically ill or have ongoing disabilities.

Many older adults suffer from and anxiety depression, usually as a result of grief, loneliness or isolation, either because friends and family members cannot visit on a regular basis, or they aren’t as active as they previously were. Interacting with therapy animals is a great way to bring moments of joy, comfort and companionship to older adults or individuals with disabilities.

Spending time with a pet has been shown to have powerful positive reaction, enabling seniors to become more communicative, happier and improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Regular visits from a therapy pet is something an older adult will look forward to, and offer feelings of satisfaction and pleasure on a regular basis. At Halcyon Elder Care, we offer skilled pet therapists who will bring a trained dog to visit your loved one, in their own home. The benefits of these visits are immeasurable and will make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.

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"“Meg is professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and caring. As both my brother and I live in California, having someone we trust nearby — to oversee my mother’s care providers and coordinate her medical care has been absolutely invaluable. Meg always goes the extra mile in looking after Mom’s best interests. Most importantly, Mom really likes and trusts her. She knows Meg is someone she can count on.”

Ann H.