"Meg Mindell and her outstanding group at Halcyon changed my brother's life. He was virtually incapacitated by Parkinson's Disease. Through the determined efforts of Meg, Dionne, Linda and Jay my brother had Deep Brain Stimulation and now functions on a near normal level. The Halcyon group encouraged, explained and facilitated every step of the way. My brother and I would never have accomplished this without these caring and devoted people."

Ellen Jackson


"Thank You so much for providing such exceptional care and support for Aunt Jean. You were indispensable! We will stay in touch from South of the Border!"



"Caring for an elderly and incapacitated parent is challenging in any situation and especially while living a long distance away. Meg was recommended to me by a previous assisted living facility when my mother's care needs became greater. I met with Meg to learn about her background and about Halcyon, and I was immediately confident that she completely understood my needs. Meg and the team at Halcyon are absolutely essential in the care being provided to my mother. Even if I lived nearby and could personally be present during interactions with health care professionals, Meg and Halcyon have the background and credibility to advocate for geriatric care needs in a way that most laymen would not be able to. The nurses and staff at the facility where my mother is now continue to express their appreciation of the Halcyon folks who check in on my mother.

Until I was led to Halcyon, I was unaware that geriatric care management resources existed. I later read more about this type of service, and I strongly recommend this service to anyone responsible for elder care. Unless you are experienced in elder care and how assisted living or skilled nursing care facilities work, it is essential that a geriatric care manager be involved as an advocate, advisor and resource. I am very pleased and relieved to have Halcyon on the case."

Keith D.


"I just recently lost the love of my life. The help of our Geriatric Care Manager was a Godsend!! She not only helped us get the right diagnosis and care by helping us find the right doctors, but she helped us find the appropriate home health aides, interview hospices, came to doctor appointments to help us better understand choices we needed to make. She paid frequent visits to us, made calls to insurance companies about bills and helped find respite for me. I really only had to make one call to her for our needs, and she handled the rest. Michael was able to stay comfortably at home. She made a difficult situation more manageable. Thank you Meg and Halcyon Elder Care!!!"

Bessie M.


"When our mom became ill, my family and I were poorly prepared for quickly finding a suitable place to handle her now substantial requirements. We feel very fortunate to have found Halcyon Elder Care. They immediately organized the search, and found a facility that we didn't even know existed. This facility FAR exceeded our expectations.

We came to view the staff at Halcyon as members of our family. The care and concern they showed regarding mom's care and emotional well-being was greatly appreciated. Any questions or concerns we had were immediately addressed. If they could not answer a question themselves, they would direct us to someone in their substantial network who could.

They set up a schedule of periodic visits to mom to assess her medical, emotional, and physical state. Mom seemed to love these visits. Each visit was followed up by an extensive report detailing their findings, and containing suggestions to help us better direct her care. We always felt comfortable with the assessments made by Halcyon's staff, and always followed up on their suggestions. They even brought balloons and flowers for mom's birthday.

We have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend Halcyon Elder Care's services to anyone who needs any type of assistance with an aging or ill parent or spouse. Their knowledge, care and professionalism eased, for us, what could have been an unbearable situation."

Walter H.


"Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. When it strikes family, it can steal the very existence you've ever known. The expertise and emotional support of Meg and her staff have provided while I help my parents cope with this illness has meant the difference between merely surviving the crisis and finding a true quality of life for the time remaining...."

Jeff B.


"Meg is professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and caring. As both my brother and I live in California, having someone we trust nearby -- to oversee my mother's care providers and coordinate her medical care has been absolutely invaluable. Meg always goes the extra mile in looking after Mom's best interests. Most importantly, Mom really likes and trusts her. She knows Meg is someone she can count on."

Ann H.


"Meg was an indispensable and loving helper/care manager during major life events for our family. She was a strong advocate for my mother through a maze of health care providers. She was a comforting sounding board for me as we made major decisions. She was always there when we needed her, and we will always be indebted to her for her compassion, hard work, and expertise."

Angela P.


"My wife and I have found Halcyon Elder Care able to quickly solve just about every problem that comes up, whether it's obtaining a home health aide, working our way through the insurance issues, dealing with physicians and other health care providers, or arranging care management services for my brother 3,000 miles away. Meg knows her specialty field. She has made life easier for us."

Jim G.